Nuvole fritte. Un viaggio attraverso il ducato della torta fritta, lungo le contrade del gnocco fritto, tra i confini del chissolino e della crescenta


It is June 1876. Strategically located in the Dakota Territory on the edge of the Sioux Nation stands Fort Courage. Defending the fort is a detachment of the 7th Cavalry with standing orders to hold the fort until relieved. The relief column led by Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer is now three days over due. Approaching the Fort from the Black Hills is a renegade faction of Sioux Indians who are just returning from a small engagement at a place called the Little Big Horn.

Though outnumbered, the 7th Cavalry troops are prepared to defend the fort, “to the last man” if necessary. The American and 7th Cavalry flags can be clearly seen above the fort. “Flag must come down,” Chief Crazy Horse himself decreed. Smoke signals indicate the Sioux warriors are preparing to attack.