CPX Sports has created the ultimate experience in Paintball excitement…semi-automatic mayhem…from the games you play, to the fields you play on, like Armageddon, an apocalyptic town’s ruins of dozens of burned out buildings creating the eeriest of landscapes. Or the Jungle of Doom where the objective becomes finding a golden idol inside an ancient Aztec Temple. Then there’s The Town of Bedlam, Illinois, by far the most exhilarating playing field ever created. The two-story, million-dollar, ten-block town is complete in every detail.You can take one of our two unique trams Phobos or Deimos to other attractions like Fort Courage, an old west cavalry fort or Wasteland, something right out of a Road Warrior movie.



It’s a slice of Americana – the quiet little town of Bedlam, Illinois. In the center of this charming village is Bedlam’s City Hall. The town’s sidewalks are lined with quaint little shops, several accented with colorful awnings. Many of the turn of the century buildings, park benches, mailboxes and streetlights take you back to a simpler time. But for the traffic lights and dozens of modern cars parked throughout you would think it was 1950.As scenic as it may be, something is amiss about this town. It has a secret. And the secret is in the name. Bedlam! At any given moment, all hell can break loose. And when it does, watch out. “There’s a sniper down that alley!” “He’s behind the car! ”The place goes into total anarchy. The police chief has enacted a curfew to no avail as skirmishes last throughout the day into the night.


On the banks of the Marshon River stand the remains of a once proud city. Destroyed by years of war, it withstood carpet-bombing, armies attacking and counter-attacking and constant looting.Now deserted, the eerie frame of a number of burnt out buildings are all that remain still standing amongst the smoldering ruins. It serves as a constant reminder as to the folly of war. Still skirmishes break out daily contesting control of this strategically important city. If anyone ever tells you to go to hell, tell’em you’ve already been there. You’ve been to Armageddon!


And what a waste it was. Dozens and dozens of some of the finest cars ever built were set to the torch by a band of road warriors right after the end of the Great War of the New Order. Now the Road Warriors are still marauding nomads determined to eliminate every living person they can find. But they have met their match with the “the cons,” the only other survivors of the war. They were spared from the holocaust locked in solitary confinement deep in the dungeons of the Joliet prison. Now the fight is over gas. Gas wars! With each faction trying to recover the most gas cans.

Jungle of Doom

Jungle 12

The year is 1939. In the depths of a steaming jungle in Central America there is a place where men fear to go. The natives call it “Chapaza Itza” meaning the Jungle of Doom.

Local Indians tell tales of a hidden temple with an idol made of gold and emeralds. The forbidding presence of giant stone carved Olmec heads guard the entrance to the region. The lure to treasure seekers is great but few who have ever entered came back alive.Now the Chicago Field Museum has funded an expedition to find the legendary Aztec temple and bring back the golden idol. The German Government has also formed an expedition of their own, financed by Minister Hermann Goering. He plans to present the golden Idol to der Fuhrer on his 51st Birthday.

Fort Courage

It is June 1876. Strategically located in the Dakota Territory on the edge of the Sioux Nation stands Fort Courage. Defending the fort is a detachment of the 7th Cavalry with standing orders to hold the fort until relieved. The relief column led by Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer is now three days over due. Approaching the Fort from the Black Hills is a renegade faction of Sioux Indians who are just returning from a small engagement at a place called the Little Big Horn.

Though outnumbered, the 7th Cavalry troops are prepared to defend the fort, “to the last man” if necessary. The American and 7th Cavalry flags can be clearly seen above the fort. “Flag must come down,” Chief Crazy Horse himself decreed. Smoke signals indicate the Sioux warriors are preparing to attack.

El Centro

The travel brochure promotes this South American country as the perfect out of the way get away. And smart tourists, do just that. Get Away! Because the people of El Centro find themselves caught in the middle of a revolution. The Cuban backed revolutionaries are pressing to take over the government. The government led troops are trying to find and blow up the revolutionaries ammo dump, effectively denying them the means to make war. The Revolutionaries on the other hand have targeted the Governments fuel depot in an effort to limit their mobility. For over 200 years this beleaguered country has struggle with coup after coup.

At CPX Sports, we have many fields to chose from to play. Through the year, we are constantly improving our paintball fields in order to make a better experience for our customers. So, keep coming back and enjoy play paintball at our facilities year round! Below are even more fields you can play at.


Ninja Paintball UWL Field
Rain Forest
Psycho Woods
Widow Maker
Thunder Ridge




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